Licensed Psychologist, Clinical Specialty

Board Certified: Senior Disability Analyst

Medical Expert: Social Security Administration


Free initial phone consultations

Telephone:  215-546-6808 or 215-300-2023











    Psychological Testing
    Psychotherapy and Counseling

    Physiological evaluations
    Neuropsychological Screening
    Evaluating Malingering, Feigning & Exaggeration
    Vocational and Rehabilitation Assessments
    Assessment of Personal Injury and Worker's Compensation Claims
    Investigations of and Research into Complex Forensic Cases
    Forensic Reports, Rebuttal, and Testimony
    Evaluation and Treatment of Personal and Work-related Injuries, Pain
        & Trauma
    Peer and Utilization reviews
    Independent Medical Examinations
    Mental & Vocational Disability Determinations
    ADD and ADHD Assessments


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