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Personal Injury/Social Security Disability: October 25, 2006
[Note: Patient injured self on way to appointment with me. He also refers to an earlier disability claim.]

Thank you for your help in winning a substantial judgment in my recent personal injury case. Although no bones were broken, you were able to show how my mental health was affected adversely. I am sure that, without your help, I would have received much less.

I would also like to thank you for the work you did which helped me be placed on Social Security Disability and receive retroactive payment. Without your assistance that might never have happened.

A. A.

Deportation-Immigration: March 09, 2008
The letter is from a relative who retained my services. The case was complicated by a homicide committed by the person tested. ]

When I reached out to Dr. Cooperstein, I was simply looking for an accurate diagnosis for a close family member with mental illness who was also in trouble with the legal system.  Through interviews, both in-person and via phone, testing and data collection, and a sincere interest in our case, Dr. Cooperstein was able to provide an accurate diagnosis, which is something that had not been previously accomplished by family therapists, psychologists, forensic psychiatrists and even a state prison system. Years of prior misdiagnoses allowed for a homicide, incarceration, and potential deportation of my ill relative.  It is Dr. Coopersteinís work and thorough dedication toward a proper diagnosis has brought truth and relief to what was decades of mystery and suffering surrounding my ill relative.

I am happy to say that Dr. Cooperstein's work not only provided me with the clarity I needed to advocate on behalf of my relative, but he also provided substantial evidence used in legal briefs that eventually led to a reversal of the detrimental fate of my ill relative.

Dr. Cooperstein takes family history and family input seriously, which seems to be rare in my experience.  He is professional and compassionate.  I had almost given up on my ill relative, and it is only with Dr. Coopersteinís work, that I now have a proper diagnosis to work with in understanding my ill relative and finding ways to move forward.  I donít know what I would have done without his work or his support.  For me, finding Dr. Cooperstein was a miracle.

C. H., Maryland

Disability Denial: December 01, 2004
[Note: This patient had been formerly incorrectly diagnosed, and the disability determination had been made upon inaccurate records.]

Dear Dr. Cooperstein:
Thank you for all your invaluable assistance with my disability claim.  I did finally receive approval from --------------------- and I have received a lump sum payment for last year as well as a monthly stipend for this year.
--------------------- has notified me that they require me to apply for SS disability and they have provided assistance for me through a company called -----.  I called the ----- representative and requested if this was mandatory and she suggested that I call --------------------- and ask them.
I have a great therapist, Dr. X, a good psychiatrist, Dr. Y and I am currently taking 1500mg of Depakote.
I may be contacting your office in the near future to get some records for my SS Disability application.  I am hoping that I will be able to return to teaching (with the approval of my doctors) in September of 2005.
I hope you are well and I wish to thank you once again for interceding on my behalf.

L. H.

State Employee Disability Benefits
[Note: This patient was entitled to benefits for an undiagnosed condition. He was evaluated and a report submitted to his work State. He was granted benefits 12/05.]

Dr Cooperstein,
Just want to say thanks for your continued treatment. In general, when people deal with physicians there can be an air of "distance" which can be attributed to the attempt to maintain "professionalism" or sometimes simply by the demeanor of either party. My experience with other physicians has shown me that. However, my ongoing treatments with you have allowed me to at least begin to put my guard down, which has allowed me to begin to understand how my work experiences effected me to the point of my diagnosis. 
Although there is a long road ahead of me with regards to fully understanding, if even possible. Your method of treatment is an ongoing education into the inner workings of those experiences relating to my condition, and the damaging effects of those experiences. I feel better equipped to deal with my diagnosis in the future as we continue to evaluate, analyze and decipher the pertinent elements of my past work experiences and their effects.
However difficult it has been and will be, it's comforting to know and trust that I am dealing with a competent professional who strives to strategically  and effectively go beyond the normal parameter of "Have a seat. OK. See you later." routine, to show me not only the result and how to attempt treatment of, but also the cause of my diagnosis. Which instills a much better understanding of my condition within myself.

D. B.

Social Security Disability & Veterans Benefits: June 26, 2006
[Note: This patient was incorrectly diagnosed and a disability determination had been denied.]

Dear Dr. Cooperstein,

I hope this letter finds you doing well. Thanks to your thorough evaluation an Administrative law judge awarded me SS disability last week. It will be a tremendous help financially. I am still rated at 50% by the VA however I have filed a Notice of Disagreement and will probably receive an increase before the end of the year.

The SSA appointed my Wife Representative Payee which would not be an issue since we have joint bank accounts but I would prefer not to be classified as "incompetent" or unable to take care of my affairs. I do write checks for most of our monthly bills and my Wife agrees that I am perfectly able to handle our finances.

I spoke with a gentleman at the SSA about changing the payee status and he said it would simply take your filling out and returning enclosed form (SSA-787). If you have any concerns about this matter or would like to speak to my Wife, please do not hesitate to call. Our phone # 610-XXX-XXXX (anytime).


D. B. and B. B.

Negligent Premises Case: Videotape Deposition and Powerpoint Presentation for Jury Trial

Tuesday, April 11, 2006 1:01 PM
We won the Mr. X case yesterday...I will say that your testimony was invaluable in explaining why Mr. X is the way he is to the Jury, and was key in our victory.

M. D. Esq.

From Sheller, Ludwig and Badey Website:

$1,000,001 Verdict - Supermarketís Negligent Failure to Maintain Portable Loading Dock
A New Jersey jury awarded a man $1,000,001 for an on-the-job injury -- the result of a poorly maintained loading dock.

Plaintiff: I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Cooperstein on a significant personal injury matter. My client was severely psychologically traumatized. Dr. Cooperstein, who had come highly recommended by a Orthopedic doctor, immediately met with my client. He first provided testing and then treatment to my client. Dr. Cooperstein's treatment to my client helped the client immensely. While at the same time, Dr. Cooperstein provided highly detailed reports for use in the litigation. Dr. Cooperstein also provided insight into the psychological issues so that I knew what to look for in dealing with the opposing expert. Dr. Cooperstein was instrumental in achieving a significant recovery for my client. I highly recommend him as an expert.

J.S., Esq.

Defense: Delaware Attorney

The case settled for $250,000.  We are happy.  Plaintiff's medical bills alone was nearly that amount and the total possible liability in this case was well over a million dollars. 

Thanks again for all your help on this case.

Plaintiff: I have known Dr. Cooperstein both professionally and personally for more than
ten years. During that time, Dr. Cooperstein has assisted me as a psychological
consultant and treating practitioner in cases involving false imprisonment, 
civil rights violations, sexual harassment, assault and other personal injury 
matters involving psychological injuries.

In every instance, Dr. Cooperstein's psychological evaluations and reports 
have been extremely thorough and well documented. Furthermore, on those
instances where questions arose regarding a client's treatment or diagnosis, 
Dr. Cooperstein has always been readily available to answer questions or 
provide additional explanations when needed.

In conclusion, I highly recommend. Dr. Cooperstein as a psychological and
vocational expert. The doctor's knowledge and expertise have been 
extremely helpful in my practice and indeed were instrumental in a one 
million dollar recovery which I recently obtained for a client injured in a 
construction site accident.

J. O., Esq.


Dear Dr. Cooperstein:
It was a pleasure working with you and I look forward to working with you
in the future.

Thank you for your professional and diligent efforts in allowing us to resolve this
[Worker's Compensation] matter for a very fair amount prior to trial.

A. N., Esq.

Upon reviewing my MMPI analysis for a Rebuttal.

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Response from Forensic Neurosurgeon after reviewing enigmatic symptoms detailed in my report on a patient involved in a medical malpractice suit.

Please be advised that I have known Dr. Cooperstein professionally for over twenty years. During that period of time I have referred many cases to him--including victims of minor strokes, physiological insomnia and depression--for psychological evaluations and I have been extremely impressed with his in-depth diagnostic skills and expertise in producing an accurate diagnosis. These have correlated with and/or supplemented neurophysiological results. His ability in suggesting treatment for best outcome is also appreciated by the patient.

In addition, I have known Dr. Cooperstein to keep pace with the rapidly growing fields of neurophysiology and sleep and to be sensitive to signs of disorder requiring objective testing. Dr. Cooperstein has referred many patients for neurophysiological testing as well as sleep and sexual dysfunction studies. Due to thorough preliminary clinical interviewing and testing, positive findings, such as sleep apneas and sleep architecture disorders, were uncovered in a majority of these patients, ultimately benefiting the patients and the physicians treating them.

Consequently, in my capacity as a medical professional, neurophysiologist and professor at Thomas Jefferson Medical College, I consider Dr. Cooperstein as a valued and esteemed colleague, as do others in the medical profession who know him.

Irvin Gerson, M.D.

I have known Dr. Allan Cooperstein for approximately 15 years, and we have treated a number of patients together. This has provided ample opportunity to assess his clinical skills.

I refer forensic patients to him for deciphering psychological data presented by the defense. He is highly skilled in identifying and clarifying incongruities, while at the same time not exaggerating or misrepresenting facts. His reports are meticulous, detailed, and among the finest that I have seen. This is why I utilize his services often.

I also have relied upon his biofeedback skills to identify issues that evoke physiological response. This has been valuable in proving causation of illness for forensic purposes. He also demonstrated awareness and knowledge of neuropsychological change.

I can give Dr. Cooperstein my highest recommendation. He is a scholar and an outstanding clinician. His integrity is beyond reproach, he works well with other physicians, and he cares about his patients.

Clancy McKenzie, M.D.

I am a conventionally trained psychiatrist. I have been studying healing for two decades. I lecture internationally and have written many articles and four books on this subject.

I have known Allan Cooperstein, Ph.D. for approximately fifteen years. Over that time, we have shared research information and ideas on the empirical and clinical investigation of Spiritual or, as Dr. Cooperstein refers to it, Transpersonal Healing. These contacts have provided many opportunities to assess his conceptual and clinical skills. The latter were apparent in his extensive research into healers. Not intended to prove or disprove healing, his was an extensive analysis of the psychology of healers and their consciousness, an area that had only been examined minimally until the time of his research. 

The effects of Spiritual Healing have been investigated empirically for some thirty years. Even now, the Federal Government has created the Office of Alternative Healing to explore this area among other forms of alternative medicine.

I have been pleased to include a summary of Dr. Cooperstein's work in my book, Healing Research, reviewing over 150 controlled studies of healing. It delineates a spectrum of healing views and approaches in a systematic way that nicely complements the numerical analysis of healing effects. There has been little emphasis on the intrapsychic processes of healers. Dr. Cooperstein's efforts have advanced scientific knowledge within this area. He is highly skilled in identifying and clarifying incongruities of fact and concept, while at the same time not exaggerating or misrepresenting his findings. His research reports are thorough, detailed, and among the finest that I have seen.

Daniel Benor, M.D.

I am writing on behalf of Allan Cooperstein, Ph.D., with whom I have been working for the last
year. He came to me very highly recommended and has proven to be an extremely well qualified
person whose investigation of the psychological services in the .............. Court was

Dr. Cooperstein is an efficient, well organized, and highly intelligent clinician and theoretician
whose efforts in investigating the court were thorough, accurate, and very clear. He has good
organizational skills and behaves in a highly professional manner.

Although the project that he worked on was very complex and involved interviewing a large
number of people, his report was delivered on time and was well written. It was a quality project
and I recommend him very highly and without reservation.

Sincerely yours,

P. F., MD

Dear Allan:

I read the testing and other information you sent me on K.......... I was deeply impressed. You certainly are ready for court or anything else. I see why you like legal work. Lawyers must love to work with you.

W. C., M.D.

I have come to highly respect and value Dr. Cooperstein's professional skills and abilities. He is professional in his communications with medical staff, patients, and his reports. His diagnostics are thorough, of excellent quality and grounded in empirical research.

In some instances, he has, following his diagnostic examinations, recommended alternate or supplementary medical diagnostics or treatment. Typically, these recommendations involve functional capacity testing, psychiatric or neurological
referral, psychotropic medications, or neurophysiological testing. In all instances, requests for such services have been supportable by his findings, indicating good clinical judgment.

Essentially, Dr. Cooperstein has demonstrated a professional expertise that has been a highly valuable adjunct to the services offered to my patients.

H. K., D.O.

You have been on our list of approved psychologists for the past 18 years (since 1988). During that period, you have performed evaluations on approximately 300 of our clients. We have tended to use you in cases where a clinical judgment regarding the client's emotional stability is needed, in addition to the assessment of vocational potential, which is routinely ordered with each referral. As such, you have participated in a number of our most difficult cases. Your reports have been well-received.

John Quinn

I have utilized Dr. Allan Cooperstein's services as a counseling psychologist and vocational evaluator in both privately insured and Federal employees' Workers' Compensation cases. Through my conversations with him and his written reports, he has demonstrated a thorough understanding of the psychological and personal impact of disability on vocational abilities and return to work potentials.

Dr. Cooperstein employs a battery of testing instruments, based on his assessment of the injured worker's needs and basic abilities, to secure the information requested from the referring source. His reports provide a clear delineation of the injured worker's abilities as well as deficits. His diagnoses and recommendations are made based on an objective assessment of these tested results.

I have reviewed vocational reports from many other evaluators, which have often been lacking from the standpoint of relating the theoretical constructs of psychological and vocational tests to the real world. Dr. Cooperstein consistently makes the connection between theory and practice to provide accurate, useful, and cost effective recommendations and services. Finally, he works diligently to research and use the most current technology and resources to access up-to-date information on occupations and their physical and mental requirements, availability and wages. The resulting wage analyses are comprehensive, authoritative and reflect the most current data available.

Maryann Holt

The caliber of your work was excellent, and it is my opinion that your performance with respect to vocational evaluation assisted a number of disabled individuals to become vocationally rehabilitated.

I enjoyed our relationship and am appreciative of your contribution to our vocational evaluation program.

Dennis Mohn

Dr. Cooperstein performs peer reviews for our company. He was recruited by our
facility to perform these reviews based on his excellent credentials.

Dr. Cooperstein's reports are professional, concise, and fluent, as well as evidence his professional objectivity, good clinical skills, and substantial qualities in the field. 

The peer reviews Dr. Cooperstein performs are largely done on psychologists at a doctorate level.

We are fortunate to have Dr. Cooperstein on our staff.

Worldwide Auditing Services, Inc.

Dr. Cooperstein provides medical record reviews and independent medical 
evaluations for our psychology referrals from time to time. We have experienced extraordinary cooperation and timely reports of consistent, high quality. He is thorough in his investigation and analysis, evidencing an extensive knowledge of his field.

Penn Diagnostic  Center, Inc.

I want to personally thank you for the yeoman's work you have done in support of the publication of the soon to be published 14th Mental Measurements Yearbook. Many reviewers are hard pressed to provide timely reviews of two tests and still maintain the quality of their reviews. You, on the other hand, have provided us with five reviews, all of which have been submitted on time and are of excellent quality.

Buros Mental Measurements Yearbook

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